TEG Investments serves as strategic advisers to the management team companies to enable them to factor BEE into their business priorities without taking their eye of the mandate of growing their South African operation.

We will, therefore, particularly assist the company to:

  • Develop a BEE strategy, incorporating targets and an illustrative budget;
  • Formulate policies and procedures to drive the attainment of BEE targets;
  • Prepare communication with Stakeholders regarding issues and elements relating to BEE;
  • Conduct a workshop for staff affected by BEE to outline the strategy and policy once they have been adopted.

Our role will be to assist companies to focus on programmes or interventions that will allow the company to derive the most value out of the 7 elements of focus in the short-term and the others in the medium to long-term. This will mean we will be the sounding board on how businesses can attain a good B-BBEE score while achieving its business. TEG Investments assist companies to ascertain and understand their empowerment status, enabling informed, strategic decisions.